CommonWealth Press: Screen Printing and Media Design

  • By ShowClix Team | Monday, March 4th, 2013

At ShowClix, we all work as a team. We have grown together so much lately, we needed some new, sleek t-shirts to show the love we have for our company, and of course, the city of Pittsburgh. So we called up the guys at CommonWealth Press and started coming up with unique designs.

Attached is the final design and print of our new shirts (!!!). Since the arrival of the super soft t-shirts to the office, at least two people have been sporting them every day because they are so great. In addition, we got to know Dan Rugh of CommonWealth Press and got some details about his passion, printing, and the ShowClix design.

When and how did CommonWealth Press begin?

Officially, January 1 2003 but it had been cooking for years. It actually grew out of my web design freelance. I had been screen printing forever and all of my clients ended up needing t-shirts. My friend used to print them for me but he stopped printing. I then bought a tiny press, set it up in my basement, gave up sleep…and BOOM here we are.

What are some of your favorite aspects of screen printing?

Since screen printing is such a labor intensive practice – I’d say the final pull of a multi-color job. Just seeing it all come together is the real payoff. Even more when the customer first sees it and their eyes light up. That moment is the best.

I also love seeing a 4-color process print build. The way the CMYK color model works is just such an amazing process of art and science. It is TOTAL print geek material but theres just so much behind it. I actually did one CMYK process job end to end by hand, it was crazy.

How did the ShowClix/Pittsburgh bridge design come to life?

It is one of our favorite ways to work. The customer (ShowClix) brought us a rough concept and we just kept pushing it until it was something we liked (and even more, that you liked). There is nothing I like more than seeing someone proudly sporting something we did, so its always nice to work with someone that has the same goal.

Thank you so much to Dan and CommonWealth Press for their quick and clever production of our new t-shirts! We recommend that you contact them today for all your screen printing and media design needs!