Create Twitter Buzz on Your Event Day

  • By Christie Stapf | Thursday, January 12th, 2017
Create Twitter Buzz on Your Event Day

Turning your captivated audience into event day advocates has never been easier. Fans now more than ever are looking to share exciting, in the moment content with their followers. Twitter offers fans an all access pass to everything happening throughout your event, and a quick and easy way to tell their friends how much fun they are having!

Put your event in the forefront of the conversation by checking out our tips and tricks to get your event buzzing on your event day.

Post All Day

Fans are more likely to remember your event day Tweets if they have eye catching images or fun videos paired with them. Remember people like to see people – especially if they are having a blast! Capture behind the scenes content, post fan interviews, and show the progression of your event throughout the day. Post as often as you can and interact with the comments you receive on each post.

Share the Excitement

In the event world, engagement is king – especially on event day. Your fans have been waiting for months to shake hands with actors from their favorite televisions shows or deck themselves out in their cosplay gear. Connect with your fans by sharing in their enthusiasm by liking their cosplay selfies, commenting on their awesome purchases, and retweeting their photos from your event!

Use Your Event Hashtag

Your event’s unique hashtag needs to take center stage on the day of your event. Utilize it on every Tweet you send and make sure it is present on all of your printed materials including posters, swag, and your employees’ event day tees. Speaking of employees, one of the best methods to promote your hashtag is getting your team excited about it. Build as much awareness around your hashtag as you can by encouraging them to use it in their own Tweets and sharing the hashtags with attendees.

Give Your Fans a Voice

Make your fans go wild with the chance to cast their vote using Twitter Polls! Get detailed insight on what your fans love about your event as its happening like which celeb they are excited to see or input on your newly launched attractions. Each poll will remain live for 24 hours and all responses will be incognito until you decide to share the results. Share them as soon as you can!