Did You Know: Automatic Coupons

  • By Lindsay Biondy | Tuesday, February 12th, 2019
Did You Know: Automatic Coupons

Did you know you can use our system’s coupons to automatically apply a discount once an order total hits a designated amount?

If you’re looking to maximize sales of your admission tickets, merchandise, and other add-ons, promoting a quantity-related discount is a great way to push your inventory. Using our automatic coupons, you can encourage customers to buy (or buy more) by providing ticket buyers a discount when the total face value of their order reaches a designated amount. The great thing about automatic coupons is that there’s no code required for customers to take advantage of them; simply assign one to an event, and it’ll instantly apply to applicable orders!

Once you create an event, go to the Manage tab in the ShowClix Admin. Select “Add Coupon” and then choose “Automatic” from the Coupon Type dropdown menu. Choose a name for your coupon, whether to apply a flat discount or percentage off the order total, the discount amount, and the dollar amount the customer must reach within the order to activate the coupon. Then hit “Save and Assign,” which will bring you to a page prompting you to choose the event(s) you’d like to apply the coupon to, and asking you to input other details, like a start and end date and the total number of coupons available. Finally, select “Save Assignment,” and you’ve got an automatic coupon on your hands!

For more information on our coupons and how to set them up, check out our support guide.