Did You Know: Box Office

  • By Lindsay Biondy | Monday, June 6th, 2022
Did You Know: Box Office

Did you know you can use our integrated box office ticketing app to easily handle point-of-sale ticket transactions?

All your customers are unique, and so are their ticket buying preferences. Whether they’re purchasing tickets online, over the phone, or in person, you need a comprehensive box office that can manage it all. Our system’s box office ticketing app enables you to not only quickly handle point-of-sale transactions for both general admission and reserved seating events, but also create reservations, run multiple payment types, take partial payments, and split tender payments. Plus, you’ll have the power to sell tickets across multiple events, print or email tickets directly to your customers, and keep detailed records of all transactions; all from one central location!

You can download our app to your mobile devices and tablets, or simply access the box office from the ShowClix Admin by clicking the “Box Office” tab. This will take you to a separate window with a unique set of menus and navigation, separated into four main sections: Events, Cart, Settings, and Tools. Events allows you to view a list of all upcoming events and their checkout processes. Cart enables you to edit or view details of an order, like its related event, number of tickets, donation amounts, and added fees. Settings allows you to make adjustments to the box office, like changing the payment capture method or setting a time limit to complete an order. Tools offers you the option to add comments to an order and apply coupon codes, products, and donations during the checkout process.

For more information on our box office capabilities, check out our support guide today!