Did You Know: Down-to-the-Minute Attendee Data

  • By Lindsay Biondy | Tuesday, September 24th, 2019
Did You Know: Down-to-the-Minute Attendee Data

Did you know you can use our reporting tools to get event attendance information in real time?

If you’re hosting an event, exhibit, or attraction that welcomes massive crowds throughout the day, being able to access a real-time breakdown of scan logs and other attendance data from the gate at any time is essential to keeping track of venue capacity. With our robust reporting tools, you’ll not only get down-to-the-minute attendee data during your event to easily monitor how many attendees are entering at any given time, but you can also access that data retroactively to compare peak event hours year-over-year, segment your attendees by when and how often they visited your event, and more.  

To access these granular reports, go to the Reports tab in the ShowClix Admin and click on “Scan Logs” to view a custom report of your event’s scan logs, including admissions data such as scan times, scans by price level, and specific scanner use. For example, if you wanted to find out when most attendees are entering your event, you would click “Ticket Scans by Hour” and then “Select Events.” Select your event from the drop down list, click “Continue,” and you’ll receive a report sorted by Scan Date, Hour, and Type. Sort the Total Scans column by highest to lowest, and walla! Your highest-traffic dates and times are right there at your fingertips. 
For more information about our reporting capabilities, check out our support article.