Did You Know: Dynamic Notifications with Agent

  • By Lindsay Biondy | Thursday, September 23rd, 2021
Did You Know: Down-to-the-Minute Attendee Data

Did you know you can be automatically notified when certain attendance goals are reached?

Keeping a keen eye on your attendance is just one of the many responsibilities you have while your event is taking place. As hectic as event days can be, though, you probably won’t have time to spare to keep checking on how many attendees have arrived so far, or to keep tabs on exactly when each of your VIP guests arrive. With Agent, you can ditch the manual updates and get attendance information sent right to your phone or email. Before your event, simply set up the VIPs and attendance levels you want to be notified about (50% checked in, 90% checked in, etc.) and let Agent do the rest!

To set up an Agent task, simply click on the Agent tab in the ShowClix Admin. Here you can view a list of all your previous, current, and future tasks, and create new ones. When you create a new task, you’ll be presented with a list of rules and actions that dictate the performance of the automation. For example, if you want to receive a text when a specific VIP guest arrives, you’d select the rule, When a specific customer’s ticket has been scanned, and the action, Send a text message. You’d then choose the event you want to connect to the automation and customize your rule to which customer it applies to, what phone number(s) to send the text to, and what the message should say.

Interested in learning more about enabling Agent for your next event? Check out our support article, and let’s get started today!