Did You Know: Event Reminder

  • By Lindsay Biondy | Wednesday, May 12th, 2021
Did You Know: Event Reminder

Did you know you can automatically send a custom event reminder email to your attendees 24 hours before your event?

The time has almost come! Your marketing campaigns have been a success, your attendees are eagerly awaiting your event’s reopening, and you’ve taken all the precautions to keep them safe on-site. Now, with your reopening approaching, you’ll want the added confidence that your ticket buyers are fully prepared to attend your event and have the most up-to-date information about your admission processes. With our event reminder emails, you can automatically send an email to your ticket buyers 24 hours before your event with all this information and more, so they’re ready to go the next day! 

As a default, an event reminder will automatically be sent to all those who bought a ticket, and you can customize the email to your exact preferences from within the ShowClix Admin. Simply go to the Events tab, then click on “Event Advanced Settings.” From here, you can turn off the event reminder or choose what information to include in it, like your event’s date and time, venue, and any on-site registration info. You can also add custom messaging to note your safety regulations, applicable parking regulations, special disability accommodations, or anything else you need to convey to your attendees! 

To learn more about event reminders, check out our help guide, or reach out to our team at clients@showclix.com.