Did You Know: Event Series

  • By Lindsay Biondy | Tuesday, January 14th, 2020
Did You Know- Event Series

Did you know you could create one recurring event across multiple dates and times? 

If you operate a venue, museum, or otherwise hold events that occur daily, weekly, or even monthly, you’ve known the inconvenience of creating a new, identical event for each individual day. Not only is it time consuming, it can lead to clunky backend setups and disjointed data, making ongoing tasks like financial reporting and managing ticket inventories more difficult. With our system’s event series functionality, you can create a single event series, duplicated across various dates and times, to instantly create individual time slots in an easy-to-navigate drop-down calendar for your customers. The need to only build out one event will save you and your team hours of time, and your entire event’s data filtering into one localized location will help you gain deeper customer insights. Plus, once your events are duplicated, you can simply make adjustments across the board or to individual events as needed.

To set up an event series, log in to the ShowClix Admin and click into the Events tab, then click “Create Event.” Once you select the Event Series option, you’ll begin the event series creation process, which is similar to the single event creation process except for the additional fifth step, where you’ll be asked to build out your schedule. From there, you can choose how often you want your schedule to occur (hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly) and how many days of the week are included. For example, if your museum offers daily tours every hour, you may set your event to start recurring at 10:00 AM, end at 7:00 PM, repeating every hour. Once you’ve customized your schedule to your unique needs, simply click “Save Schedule,” and watch your event populate automatically!

For more information about setting up event series, check out our support guide