Did You Know: Identifying Loyal Attendees with Segments

  • By Lindsay Biondy | Thursday, October 21st, 2021
Did You Know: Identifying Loyal Attendees with Segments

Did you know you can use our Segments tool to discover your most loyal attendees?

With tons of excited attendees at your event every year, understanding who’s most engaged can give you important insights on the most popular aspects of your event and what attracts repeat customers. With our Segments tool, you’re able to filter and group ticket buyers based on select criteria to help create highly targeted marketing and loyalty campaigns. For example, segment customers who have attended two or more of your events in the past, then send them a coupon code for 15% off your next event for them and a friend. Not only will you be rewarding loyal attendees, you’ll also draw in new audiences with similar interests. 

To create a new Customer Loyalty Segment, go to the Customers tab in the ShowClix Admin. Click the “Create Segment” button. You’ll have the option to find customers who meet any or all of the conditions you set. To do this, select “+ Add Condition” and find the “Customer Loyalty” section. Choose whichever best fits your needs, and then complete the condition to your specifications. For more granular segmentation, you can add additional conditions based on other customer details, purchase behaviors, and more. As you add more conditions, the total number of customers who match your criteria will show in the top right. You can even view the individual customers in your segment. When you’re finished, click “Show Customers” to see a full list of customers who meet your criteria. Finally, click “Save as New Segment” to store this information, which you can later access for an updated list by selecting “Segment: All customers” (next to the “Create Segment” button).

For more information on creating customer segments, check out our support guide.