Did You Know: In-Stream Chat

  • By Lindsay Biondy | Tuesday, November 17th, 2020
Did You Know: In-Stream Chats

Did you know you can enable a real-time chat during your live streams to connect your audience with special guests and each other?

One of the biggest challenges to overcome when creating a virtual event is effectively creating a community-driven viewing experience for your attendees. Basic streaming services like Zoom or YouTube will offer a simplistic chat functionality for attendees, but it’s hard to prevent non-registered users from viewing a live stream and taking over the chat. Our all-in-one solution enables you to sell tickets, secure and broadcast your stream, and keep the conversation going all in one system!

Use our in-stream chat capabilities to bring your attendees together while maintaining full control over the chat. With our advanced moderation features, you can filter content, pin comments to the top of chat, and enable or disable chat at any time. Plus, you can go beyond one-off comments and use chat to create a more interactive experience between your audience and celebrities. Encourage attendees to drop their questions in the chat to drive real-time Q&A sessions guided by your audience, and enable emoji reactions so your attendees can show their love and presenting celebrities can gauge their reactions and excitement at a glance. 

For more information about our in-stream chat capabilities, check out our parent company, Patron Technology, or reach out to us at clients@showclix.com.