Did You Know: One-Click Table Reservations

  • By Lindsay Biondy | Thursday, April 15th, 2021
Did You Know: One-Click Table Reservations

Did you know you can enable ticket buyers to reserve an entire table for your event with a single click?

As you begin to plan for the reopening of your in-person events and welcome back your excited attendees, it’s more important than ever to ensure both your staff and customers feel safe in your venue and can properly socially distance during your entire event. With our one-click table reservations, you can enable customers to reserve an entire table for their party with a single click, instead of selecting those same seats individually. Each attendee will still receive their own ticket, and entire parties are guaranteed to sit together! Plus, if you require full table purchases as opposed to individual seats, there’ll be no more orphaned seats at nearly-filled tables, helping you sell out your events more efficiently.

By adding these simplified table reservations to your reserved seating layout, you’ll streamline the purchase process and reduce unnecessary physical interactions between separate groups of attendees. Our expert team will work with you to build out an exact replica of your venue, so you can plan out exactly how many tables you have available, and how many different groups can enter your event at once.

For information on how to set up one-click table reservations for your event, check out our help guide or contact us at clients@showclix.com today!