Did You Know: Scheduled Reporting

  • By Lindsay Biondy | Thursday, January 28th, 2021
Did You Know: Scheduled Reporting

Did you know you can create scheduled reports that are automatically emailed to you and your team on a recurring basis?

Understanding how their event is performing is a top priority for any event organizer, as these data-driven insights are essential to enhancing and optimizing their event experiences and business practices. Whether you’re interested in ticket sales, attendance, revenue from concessions, or anything in between, you need an easy way to keep your finger on the pulse with the latest relevant figures. With our scheduled reporting functionality, you’ll receive up-to-the-minute data on what’s most important to you, delivered straight to your inbox on a recurring basis. Plus, you can have these same reports automatically sent to your internal team and external stakeholders, with built-in security features to protect them from prying eyes.

To set up a scheduled report, visit your Saved Reports list under the Reports tab in the ShowClix Admin. Simply click the report you want to create a scheduled delivery for, click the down arrow to the right of “Run Report,” and then select “Schedule” from the drop-down menu. Add the start and end date for your delivered report and how frequently you’d like to receive it (every day, every Monday, the 15th of every month, etc.) Then add the emails of everyone you want to receive the report and add a secure password. Once you’re happy with what you have, click “Schedule” and watch the data come to you!

For more information on how to take advantage of scheduled reporting, check out our Help Guide.