Did You Know: Self-Service Ticket Exchange

  • By Lindsay Biondy | Wednesday, September 1st, 2021
Did You Know: Ticket Exchanges

Did you know you can empower your customers to autonomously exchange their tickets for another day or time slot?

No matter how excited your customers are for your upcoming event, sometimes unforeseen circumstances can prevent them from attending at their originally selected date or time. Now more than ever, customers need a quick and convenient way to exchange their tickets for a new time or date when possible. And with our self-service ticket exchanges, they can get their new tickets to your event in minutes! Give your customers the freedom to autonomously exchange their previously purchased tickets for others of equal or lesser value for the same event. Not only will your ticket buyers gain peace of mind, you’ll maximize event attendance, reduce their need to call or email for assistance, and you can even boost your revenue by choosing to add a fee for every ticket exchange!

To enable ticket exchanges for your customers, go to the Customers tab in the ShowClix Admin and select “Exchange Settings” on the left sidebar. From here you’ll be able to set rules, create custom messaging, and manage ticket exchange settings. When you select “Enable ticket exchanges,” you’ll add an option for customers to exchange tickets in their My Tickets accounts. You also have the option to limit the number of exchanges per order, set a window for when a customer can request an exchange, set your exchange fee, and automatically approve valid exchange requests, so your customers receive their new tickets instantly. Then simply hit “Submit” to start offering ticket exchanges for your event!

For more information on self-service ticket exchanges, feel free to check out our help article.