Did You Know: Ticket Insurance

  • By Lanre Keyede | Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Did you know you can empower your ticket buyers to protect their purchases with ticket insurance?

No matter how excited your customers are for your event, sometimes unforeseen circumstances can prevent them from being able to attend. And what happens to their tickets then? In the past, ticket buyers may have tried to resell their tickets or eat the cost entirely, but thanks to our ticket insurance integration with FanShield Powered by Protecht, they can easily recover the cost of their unused tickets. Once their claim has been accepted, you’ll be able to put those tickets back into your inventory to get as many excited attendees in your event as possible, and even get paid twice for the same tickets! 

Ticket insurance also saves you valuable time by reducing the number of chargebacks, refunds, and bank fees your organization encounters, enabling your team to focus their time and resources on other tasks. Plus, with this added layer of flexibility on their purchases, customers will gain peace of mind knowing their tickets are protected and will feel more comfortable buying early. By simplifying the refund process, you’ll deepen brand loyalty with customers and establish an even better relationship with them.

For more information on FanShield’s ticket insurance, check out our help article.