Did You Know: Upsells

  • By Lindsay Biondy | Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018
Did You Know: Upsells

Did you know you could upsell additional tickets, products, and merchandise within the checkout process?

If you’re interested in exploring new ways to improve your ticket buyers’ overall experience while simultaneously increasing your event’s bottom line, look no further! With our upsell feature, you can add convenience for your customers and encourage additional purchases from within your event’s online checkout process. Our upselling feature can be used for event merchandise, tickets for additional events, products such as photo ops and VIP experiences, and more. Plus, you can further draw your customers’ attention to everything you have to offer by presenting your upsell promotions in up to four different locations throughout the checkout process.

To enable product upselling, first go to the Manage page within the ShowClix Admin. You’ll see an option to add a product, and from there you’ll simply enter the information you want to display to your customers, including the name, description, price, and any images of the product. To assign it to your event, go to the Inventory page of the event builder and click “+ Add Product.” All of your previously created product options will be available in a dropdown menu. In order to upsell additional event tickets, you’ll also need to enable Cart Mode. Once you’ve decided which upsells you’d like to offer, choose from four location options to promote them: on the listing page, order previews page, box office, and/or with an upsell popup window, which is triggered after a customer selects their tickets and presents the option to easily add a product to their cart, or dismiss the window. Set up an upselling prompt using one, or all, of these options for a customized experience tailored to your preference!

For more information on upselling, check out our support page, or get in touch with our Client Services team at clients@showclix.com.