Did You Know: Upselling

  • By Lindsay Biondy | Thursday, February 16th, 2023
Did You Know: Upsells

Did you know you can upsell additional merchandise, products, and experiences within the checkout process?

Looking for ways to enhance your attendees’ event experience and boost your bottom line at the same time? You’ve come to the right place! With our upsell feature, you can add convenience for your customers and encourage additional purchases from within your event’s online checkout process. They can purchase tickets for upcoming events, VIP experiences, exclusive merchandise, and more, so you can showcase all your event has to offer and maximize your revenue!

To enable upselling, first go to the Manage tab within the ShowClix Admin. Scroll down to “Listing Upsells” and select “Create Upsell.” In the top right corner, click “Add Upsell Offer” then select either Event or Product. Upselling Events allows you to sell tickets to other experiences you’re hosting, and upselling Products allows you to sell things like merchandise and parking passes alongside your tickets. Next, decide which existing events or products you’d like to add and choose how they will appear on your event listing (as a pop-up before registration, embedded in the checkout, etc.). Once you’re satisfied, click “Save and Assign” and you’ll be redirected to the Assignments page. Finally, click “Add Assignment,” choose your current event listing, and you’re ready to upsell!

For more information on upselling, check out our help article or reach out to our team at clients@showclix.com