Did You Know: Venue Manager

  • By Lindsay Biondy | Tuesday, April 26th, 2022
Did You Know: Venue Manager

Did you know you can easily add custom venues in the ShowClix Admin and save them for future use?

For concert promoters and other event organizers who host events year-round in recurring venues, the repetition of entering your venue information for each new event listing can quickly become tedious. With our venue manager tool, you can enter the details for each venue once and save the templates to re-use for future events, saving you time and streamlining the overall event creation process. Whether you’re promoting live music, comedy shows, or even a dinner theater series, a feature like this is a must-have for your event ticketing software.

To create and save a venue, log in to the ShowClix Admin and go into the Manage tab. Scroll down to the Venues section and click “Add Venue.” From there, input any relevant venue information you’d like to share with your ticket buyers, including the venue name, address, description, total capacity, and more. Once you’ve added all your venue information, click “Save,” and it’ll now be available in a drop down menu in the first step of the event creation process. To view and edit your venues, again go to the Manage tab, and simply click the blue button under the Venues section that says “X Venues” (depending on how many you’ve created).

For help setting up your venues, check out our support guide.