Did You Know: Video on Demand

  • By Lindsay Biondy | Thursday, February 25th, 2021
Did You Know: Video on Demand

Did you know you can give your customers access to a library of event videos to view at their own convenience?

With the rise in virtual events, it’s easier than ever for event organizers to reach audiences around the world with immersive online event offerings. But what if a customer misses your live stream, or is busy during your virtual event? With our Video on Demand (VOD) functionality, you can turn your virtual event content into rewatchable videos, enabling customers to view your previously recorded live streams, workshops, performances, and other online content any time, anywhere.

Our virtual events solution makes it easy to turn your completed live streams into VODs, or upload other pre-recorded videos to sell as stand-alone virtual experiences. Unlike live content, you can retroactively add closed captioning to your VODs in any language, making them accessible for those with hearing disabilities, or who speak another language. Plus, you can restrict VOD content so it’s only available for a short amount of time based on a specific date or a set number of days after purchase, increasing urgency and encouraging customers to watch your videos quickly. 

For more information about our Video on Demand capabilities, check out our parent company, Patron Technology, or reach out to us at clients@showclix.com!