Event Spotlight: Bixbee Imagination Station

  • By Lindsay Biondy | Monday, August 26th, 2019
Event Spotlight: Bixbee Imagination Station

Come curious, leave inspired at Chicago’s newest funtastical playground and imagination jump starter, Bixbee Imagination Station! This adventure is Bixbee’s first experiential pop-up and retail shop, and is bound only by the limits of your imagination. Come discover a world that every kid and kid-at-heart wished truly existed. From polka-dotted elephants, to technicolor monkeys, to outer space surfing, this immersive experience is more than just an incredible photo-op; it’s a safari into imagination.

Bixbee, producer of designer backpacks, lunch bags, and accessories for children, is a certified benefit corporation that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems, working with select non-profit organizations to support areas with high levels of need. Their “One Here. One There.” social mission enables them to collaborate with a multitude of non-profits that provide children in need with access to education. For every backpack purchased, Bixbee donates a bookbag with supplies to another eager schoolkid. Their Imagination Station is the organization’s most recent endeavor to provide kids with fun, educational opportunities. It breaks the mold of the typical after-school activities, offering not only an imaginative journey through a mystical forest or a sparkle-filled kaleidoscopic dream, but also a reflection of self-expression.

When you enter the Imagination Station, you’ll join a fantasy playdate that features several rooms influenced by Bixbee product design themes. Inspired by a child’s innate ability to transform their reality into a fantasy world powered by their own creativity, each room provides magical backdrops that are sure to light up your Instagram. Ignite a magnificent light show with your own beat of a drum, blaze across a disco rainbow sky as you ride a mythical unicorn, hang out inside the mouth of a ferociously friendly shark, use flowers blossoms to share share sacred secrets with your BFF, and so much more.

The entire experience offers engaging activities that boost creativity and provides moments of awareness, mindfulness, and self-expression. “At Bixbee, we look to celebrate kids’ imaginations and encourage play and endless creativity while giving children in need access to an education via a schoolbag with supplies,” says Luis Garcia, CEO and Chief Creative of Bixbee. “Bixbee encourages kids to become whatever they can imagine because we believe that you cannot create or achieve anything if you don’t imagine it first.” Whether you’re looking for a fun summer afternoon getaway with the family, or an imaginative birthday party for your little one, Bixbee Imagination Station is sure to please.

This immersive experience is in Chicago for a limited time only, so don’t miss out; reserve your tickets for Bixbee Imagination Station today!