Event Spotlight: LEGO KidsFest

  • By Christie Stapf | Thursday, May 5th, 2016
Event Spotlight: LEGO KidsFest

LEGO is taking over as one of the World’s Most Popular Brands. But what’s at the base of this prestigious empire? Colorful building bricks!

Staying true to their mission, to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow, generations of families have grown up with the well known children’s toy, allowing a wealth of creative ideas to emerge through play. Since the creation of the first LEGO block in 1958, LEGO has taken their own advice and successfully transformed the LEGO brick theme into thrilling amusement parks, video games, and a very popular movie franchise!

But like all great innovators, LEGO needed to answer the age old question, what’s next? Choosing to go back to its roots, LEGO decided it was time to once again inspire the young builders of tomorrow with a highly interactive live children’s event, LEGO KidsFest.

Since being approached by LEGO in 2009, BuzzEngine, an event management and marketing communications company, has organized 36 tour stops across dozens of cities in the United States and Canada. LEGO and their partner BuzzEngine continue to travel across the nation offering children an immersive 3-day interactive experience that sparks their creativity, while promoting a fantastic family fun atmosphere! In fact, in 2013, the marketing and events agency was awarded the title of “Best Proprietary Event” for LEGO KidsFest by Event Marketer Magazine.

Check out why LEGO KidsFest is a must attend family event!

The Brick Pile

Completely immerse your family in the LEGO experience by taking a dive in The Brick Pile. This massive pile of LEGO bricks is every child’s dream come true. Jump, swim, dig, or build in this must see event favorite. Be sure to check your pockets, when you get up. The bricks tend to get everywhere!

Family Fun for Everyone

Think your family has what it takes to win a LEGO KidsFest challenge? Let’s find out! Create lasting memories for the entire family by working together to solve fun challenges and contests. If you’re a parent of a younger child, don’t fret: LEGO KidsFest has great group builds that will enhance motor skills and inspire creativity with the extra large LEGO bricks.

LEGO Model Museum

Be sure to check out a few of your all time favorite movie and video game characters like Lightning McQueen, BB-8, Superman, Scooby and the Gang, and more! These life size detailed models will absolutely excite every member of the family and may even take you down memory lane with some of your childhood favorites.

Meet the Masters

Take your child behind the scenes of constructing some of the most interesting LEGO structures, with the LEGO Master Builder Lab. Learn how the master builders create the life size models found in the LEGO Model Museum. New builders or budding young engineers can discover design and building tips they can translate into their own projects.

Eager to take some of the fun home with you? Check out the Lego KidsFest Marketplace and the LEGO Retail Store, which both offer a number of unique LEGO additions that would make a perfect event day souvenir or birthday gift.

Sound like a great day for the entire family? LEGO KidsFest is coming to a city near you! Get your tickets for upcoming tour stops like Kansas City, Louisville, and more today!