Event Spotlight: Pip’s Island

  • By Lindsay Biondy | Monday, August 19th, 2019
Event Spotlight: Pip's Island

Have your kids dreamed of being a star? Do they want to be the hero of their own adventure? If so, Pip’s Island is the perfect place to be! Pip’s Island, winner of the Off Broadway Alliance Award for Best Family Show, is an hour-long interactive journey that leads kids through a magical island excursion. From manning a flying ship, to designing giant cakes, to exploring the deep sea, you and your family will experience a whole new world that engages all your senses and leaves you mystified.

Created by sister-and-brother partnership Rania Ajami & Rami Ajami, and Creative Director Walter Krudop, Pip’s Island is the first immersive theater for children that brings the entire family to a Broadway-caliber show where kids are at the center of it all! After a successful trial run in 2016, Pip’s Island now resides in a custom-built space giving Pip, his friends Finn and Pebble, and countless kids an exciting experience as they attempt to save Pip’s Island from the villainous Joules Volter.

Any adventurous child is sure to have an unforgettable time at this one-of-a-kind exploration while they work with their fellow journeymen to fix the transmission pod, outwit the moles, fly Cloud Rover, build giant cakes, jump into a snow storm, and dive into the deep sea range. They’ll also join performers, puppets, and animated characters throughout their journey to help the story unfold.

Before embarking on their expedition, explorers are outfitted in special Pip’s Island vests and are given Legendariums, which help collect the five “sparks,” — Investigate, Activate, Build, Imagine, and Connect — throughout their trip. With each “spark,” they’ll learn an important life lesson that will ultimately lead to Joules Volter’s demise. However, a series of challenges awaits those who wish to conquer this evil antagonist. Kids will have to solve puzzles, read passages out of a guide book, and use the show’s signature “actions” and teamwork to advance throughout the various themed rooms in under an hour to save lighthouse and restore order to the island.

Plus, Pip’s Island is ready to accommodate private expeditions through the island. Is your little adventurer’s birthday coming up? This interactive experience makes it easy to book an all-inclusive birthday party package with a custom cake, themed goodies and decorations, and a special present for the birthday boy or girl. Looking for a thrilling yet educational student field trip? Pip’s Island is the perfect way to explore STEM principles through active and fun engagement. Get more information and be sure to schedule your birthday party or student field trip before dates fill up!

Bring the entire family together and get your tickets for Pip’s Island today!