Event Spotlight: Steel City Con

  • By Ashley Ranich | Tuesday, November 24th, 2015
Steel City Con

Steel City Con embodies two of our favorite things: Cosplay and our great city of Pittsburgh. Orangestone Promotions, Inc., a leading trade fair and event organizing company in the U.S., creates events with wonderful ambience and top-notch experiences, including Steel City Con. Dominic Alessandria is the proud and talented owner of Steel City Con.

The Pittsburgh-based convention has been successfully running for over 20 years and is Pennsylvania’s largest toy, comic, and pop culture show. It sprawls over 100,000 square feet of convention space filled with 750 vendor tables, the notable Artist Alley, and beloved pop culture icons. Mingle with your favorite movie and television stars at photo-ops and panels, admire other attendees’ costumes, and participate in trivia and costume contests held daily.

We had a chance to catch up with Dominic to learn more about Steel City Con.

What inspired you to create Steel City Con?

I have always had an interest in comic books and collectible toys as a child, and it stayed with me as an adult. I used my background in retail and love of pop culture to create what has become one the nation’s leading comic cons.

How have you made Steel City Con a unique experience?

I believe that I really understand the city and the people who attend my shows. We understand the fan base and their expectations for an event like this. We have managed to bring in a unique selection of celebrity guests, artists and vendors at each show.  Most importantly, with an event that is run three times a year in the same venue, it is necessary that every show be unique and better than the last. It’s a challenge that we love!

Comic books and gaming culture have had a place in Pittsburgh for quite some time, do you think that cosplay culture is gaining traction/popularity in the city?

I believe that cosplay has also always had a place in Pittsburgh. Whether it is anime cosplay, superhero cosplay, or TV/Film cosplay it has been around for many years. The difference is that it is more okay today to express yourself and many are taking advantage of this opportunity. Now you can be a lawyer during the week and Superman at the Steel City Con on the weekend!

What do you hope fans get out of attending Steel City Con?

Attendees will appreciate having an event this size at a price half of what similar size shows can charge. Attendees will get a chance to meet guests whom they grew up watching on TV or film and magic will happen. They can expect to see of the largest section of vendors in the nation, as well as an amazing Artist Alley. There is truly something at the Steel City Con for everyone and for every member of the family.

The next Steel City Con will be held on December 4th – 6th, 2015. Explore the exciting comic con that Dominic created: Get Tickets!