Event Spotlight: Sweet Tooth Hotel

  • By Lindsay Biondy | Monday, November 11th, 2019
Event Spotlight: Sweet Tooth Hotel

It’s time to indulge, Dallas, because you deserve it! Check in at the Sweet Tooth Hotel, an experimental art venue focused on creating immersive and interactive experiences. Each year Sweet Tooth Hotel presents a curated show featuring local and national artists. Currently they are showing Discotech, a sensory adventure which combines music and digital art to create interactive audio-visual installations that will blow you away. So throw on a pair of silent disco headphones, get your cameras ready, and come explore this revolutionary exhibit!

Conceived by husband and wife Cole and Jencey Keeton, Sweet Tooth Hotel showcases astounding works of art by some of the DFW area’s most innovative artists. Their first installation delivered five sugar-themed interactive rooms based on popular treats, like doughnuts, macarons, sprinkles, and more. The second installation, 1995, invited attendees to suit up in holographic space gear and explore the theme of retrofuturism with a swirl of color. Now, the third installment, Discotech, in collaboration with px.lab, offers guests the opportunity to become an instant pop star.

Discotech presents new media installations that were designed to not only excite and entertain, but to also challenge you to step up to the stage, perform, and reflect. Featuring Disco Diamond, an intergalactic pop star who’s come down to Earth for her debut performance of her planetary tour, this cosmic exhibition will take you to galaxies far, far away. Plus, those with a VIP ticket will get exclusive access to a secret bonus installation.

As soon as you step into the hotel lobby, you’re welcomed by artist Jeremy Biggers’ enormous eight foot tall LED neon ice cream cone and Regular Projects’ Conversation Hearts adorning the walls. As you continue on, check out Shamsy Roomiani’s Bedspring installation, where coiled plant stems are grounded at the skirt of a bed and hundreds of flower heads spring upwards into a kaleidoscope of color. Even the bathrooms are renovated with insane designs: restroom innovator Poo ~ Pouri designed two custom restrooms, The Rainbow restroom and The Disco restroom, that exemplify the spirit of Discotech with glitter floors and countless rows of disco balls. Check out all of the amazing rooms that await you before you head over to the Sweet Tooth Hotel!

The best part? Sweet Tooth Hotel’s new Prince themed bar, Reign, is now open! It features five specialty cocktails including 1999, Little Red Corvette, Raspberry Beret, The Sweet Tooth, and, of course, Purple Rain, in addition to a delicious assortment of beer, alcoholic seltzer, and champagne. You can even top off your drink with decadent desserts like butter cookies, macarons, and Rice Krispies treats. This purple velvet dream is free to enter, and those who are visiting the art installation are encouraged to hang out at the end of their visit.

Sweet Tooth Hotel also recently announced their 2020 installation, Intangible, featuring some of the top yarn artists in the United States. Start enjoying the sweeter things in life, and get your tickets to Sweet Tooth Hotel today!