Event Spotlight: The Museum of Selfies

  • By Lindsay Biondy | Monday, April 23rd, 2018
Event Spotlight: The Museum of Selfies

“No flash photography,” “put your phones away,” and “pictures and videos are prohibited” are all phrases you won’t hear at LA’s hottest new interactive museum, The Museum of Selfies! Currently open through the end of June, this limited engagement isn’t just a museum of selfies, it’s a museum about selfies. Attendees can take photos to their heart’s delight, while also exploring the history and cultural phenomenon of the selfie. Whether you love them or hate them, after exploring this museum, you’ll never see selfies the same way again!

The Museum of Selfies was created by Tommy Honton and Tair Mamedov, two escape room designers who made it their mission to dive deep into the history of the selfie and identify why people feel the need to capture images of themselves. The answer isn’t as simple as you may think. An image of oneself taken by oneself, now known as the selfie, dates back 40,000 years ago and has roots in multiple cultures!

Over a million selfies are posted on social media every day, and they’ve carved out a firmly-cemented place in our modern society. “Selfie” is now a legitimate dictionary entry, not to mention there’s even an entire song dedicated to the concept. Through the lens of art, history, technology, and culture, The Museum of Selfies will help attendees gain a new appreciation for the most popular social phenomenon in the world.

At this museum, photo-ops are at the forefront! Across the 8000-square-foot museum, you’ll find the perfect photo background for every visitor. Game of Thrones fans can sit on an Iron Throne made not of swords, but of selfie sticks. Admire contemporary artists’ takes on selfies, as well as clever takes on the famous works of artists like Gustav Klimt and Vincent Van Gogh. Then, climb a faux skyscraper for an epic “high-up selfie,” that, while offering flattering angles, is more about the coveted rooftop locale. Take a classic bathroom selfie in a two-sided room that lacks all reflection. You can even experience an exhibit that’s dedicated to the pitfalls of narcissism, which tallies the number of deaths resulting from ambitious, yet ultimately unsuccessful, selfie attempts!

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“Selfies are now a firmly-cemented piece of the cultural landscape and guests at The Museum of Selfies are naturally looking for cool spots to take them. The Museum not only offers amazing photo opportunities and some surprising interactive exhibits, but also can shed some light on the surprisingly-rich history of selfies and the ingredients that had to come together through science, technology, and art to make selfies happen.” – Tommy Honton, Co-Founder, The Museum of Selfies