Event Spotlight: Warriors Hooptopia

  • By Lindsay Biondy | Tuesday, January 7th, 2020
Event Spotlight: Warriors Hooptopia

Have you ever dreamed of making it big with the Golden State Warriors? How about winning the championship game with a buzzer-beating slam dunk? At Warriors Hooptopia, the Bay Area’s brand new basketball fantasyland, you can live the life of a Golden State Warrior. Come escape to a playful, interactive world of adventure where everyone is an all-star, and discover why this is the ultimate experience for basketball fans of all ages. Just remember to charge your phones first!

Brought to you by the Golden State Warriors and the creative minds behind Candytopia, Warriors Hooptopia lets you live the life of a Warrior with amazing interactive installations and epic photo opportunities. This FANtastically immersive Warriors wonderland shows you what it’s like to be drafted to the NBA, get ready in the team locker room, even ride a private jet and celebrate the big championship win with your team! Swing and sway over the famous Chase Center court, take a plunge down into a pit of mini-basketballs, and celebrate your win at center court with a confetti shower, only at Warriors Hooptopia.

The adventure begins by calculating your wingspan, vertical leap, and “leg force.” Once you’ve got your stats down, Warriors players will cheer you on as you practice a short agility run. Then, fast forward to NBA Draft Day, where you’ll wait with your fingers crossed for the call that will change your life. Of course, once you’re drafted by the Warriors, you’ll snap a pic at the podium with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, then fly over the San Francisco skyline in the team’s private jet on your way to meet your new teammates. You might even slip on a Jersey with your own name on it in the Dubs’ new locker room. You’ll really get a feel for what it’s like to live like Steph Curry, Klay Thomspon, and the other Warrior legends!

Kids especially will love the Splash Zone, which is complete with an enclosed yellow slide that curves its way  into a giant pit of mini-basketballs. As you swim, try and hit a shot at the baskets hanging all around the room. Plus, with a giant Steph Curry bobblehead and a life-sized model of Draymond Green made from jelly beans and gummy bears, you’re sure to be in a golden state of bliss.

But at the heart of it all lies the Slam Jam experience. You can strap into a harness, grab a basketball, and hold on tight as you’re propelled 30 feet through the air towards a basket. With skill, timing, and a little bit of luck, you’ll slam that ball into the hoop for a legendary dunk that will make the crowd go wild. And be sure to give a triumphant pose afterwards so everyone back home can see what a legend you are!

It’s time to make your hoop dreams come true; reserve your tickets for Warriors Hooptopia today!