Every Feature You Need to Create the Ultimate Virtual Concert Experience

  • By David Kennedy | Wednesday, November 11th, 2020
Every Feature You Need to Create the Ultimate Virtual Concert Experience

Given the current event landscape, so many concert promoters and musicians have begun live streaming to maintain a connection with their fans. While sharing free live streams or past content via social media and other third-party platforms provides some much needed entertainment, these scattered tools are likely not providing a reliable revenue stream, and may be leaving your fans feeling less than fulfilled. Whether you’re planning a fully online performance, or a live music event with both in-person and online components, you’ll need an integrated event technology solution to provide a seamless fan experience from start to finish. 

We’ve broken down a few key components of a complete virtual solution and what a difference they can make for your next virtual concert experience!

Gated Access

Being able to effectively control access to your streams, meet & greets, and live chats is crucial to generating revenue from ticket sales. Take full control over who’s attending your virtual concert or music festival and secure your exclusive content by providing every fan with a unique access code to use for entry. For them, the experience isn’t much different than buying a ticket to any other event! For you, automatically assigning a unique access code to each attendee means you can easily track who’s watching and when, giving you valuable insights for targeted marketing campaigns and future event content planning.

Live Stream

Whether you’re putting together a fully virtual concert experience, or you’re interested in expanding the reach of your in-person performances to a digital audience, live streaming is the primary medium you’ll be working with. With a fully integrated solution like ours, your virtual attendees can not only stream your live performances, pre-recorded content, and special VIP sessions, they can also view and purchase exclusive merchandise or leave a monetary tip, all without ever needing to navigate to a new screen. And after your stream is finished, you can choose to share a recording with those who attended live, or even continue to sell access to the recording to new viewers after the fact!

Artist Meet & Greets

Turn up the volume on your virtual concerts by giving fans the opportunity to partake in virtual meet & greets! A virtual meet & greet works in much the same way as it would in-person, giving fans the chance to meet their favorite performers face to face, in either a one-on-one or group setting. Our solution enables you to offer experiences like timed meet & greets, limited-capacity fan chats, personalized pre-recorded videos, and even autograph requests. It’s the ultimate keepsake that can help transform your music live streams into full-fledged virtual concert experiences! 

Community-Driven Experiences

Music has been a uniting force that brings people together for thousands of years, and fostering those connections online is a crucial piece of making your virtual event a memorable concert experience. By empowering your fanbase from around the world to connect with each other and bond over their shared love of music, your virtual concert will bring the same sense of community as your in-person events. Transform your online experience with features like live chats during streams, interactive waiting rooms before performances, exclusive viewing parties, real-time user-generated polls, and more.

Branded Marketplace

For artist managers, promoters of multiple concerts, and large music festivals, a fully-branded, dedicated Marketplace app can be an invaluable tool in connecting your artists and fans like never before. Our integrated solution enables you to showcase all your exclusive offerings like special performance sessions, meet & greets, personalized videos, autograph requests, and limited edition merch. With a customizable Marketplace, not only can you create a centralized hub for fans to choose what experiences they want to have with their favorite artists, you’ll also empower musicians to set and change their own availability directly on the app.

Sponsorship Engagement

Sponsorships make up an important revenue source for any music festival or concert venue. Our solution makes it possible to continue offering sponsorship opportunities, with unique virtual options to explore. Take your sponsorship packages beyond the usual in-app banner ads and branded push notifications by sweetening the deal with pre- and post-session sponsored videos, merchandise reveals, and more. Everyone wins: fans view exclusive sponsored content, and your sponsors receive valuable attendee data they can use for future promotional campaigns!

Ready to take your virtual music experiences above and beyond? Find out today why Patron Technology offers the perfect virtual concert solution, which is completely integrated into the ShowClix system!