Fan Journal: The babyGRAND Show at Arcade Comedy Theater

  • By David Kennedy | Friday, January 26th, 2018
Fan Journal: The babyGRAND Show at Arcade Comedy Theater

While our Customer Care team supports hundreds of live events every day, they still jump at the chance to attend some of those amazing events themselves. Last week, a few of our team members attended the January presentation of The babyGRAND Show at Pittsburgh’s Arcade Comedy Theater, featuring our very own Customer Care Representative, Missy Moreno! Incorporating audience participation, improvisation, and a hilarious theme (think “The Golden Girls” meets “Wicked”), babyGRAND had the audience cracking up!

Read more about some of our team members’ favorite moments from the show.

Erin Cotton, Customer Care Representative

Last week a few of us went to see our coworker, Missy, perform at the Arcade Comedy Theater. I have never been to any kind of comedy show, so I was not sure what to expect – but this was just what I needed! Seeing both comedians on stage with such enthusiasm, excitement, and pure happiness made for the perfect combination. Everyone loves a good laugh, and getting to see a coworker performing and absolutely killing it on stage was a cool experience! Missy and her partner did an awesome job, and I highly suggest you see The babyGRAND Show whenever you can!

Allie Shields, Customer Care Representative

This was my first time attending The babyGRAND Show at Arcade Comedy Theater, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. This comedic duo had everyone in the theater roaring with laughter the entire show. With their quick wit and charming personalities, they captured the hearts of the audience. They even had a couple interactive segments where they invited individuals up on stage to be part of the show! I would highly recommend this duo to anyone – and will definitely be going to see them again!

Ally Zrowka, Customer Care Representative

Our lovely coworker, Missy, and her comedic partner had my coworkers and me in stitches at their performance. The show was a spin on “Wicked” crossed with “The Golden Girls” (picture two sassy old witches taking on retirement) and it was better than I could have ever imagined! I was so impressed with how Missy and her partner, Connor, were able to create an entire act based on one tiny suggestion from an audience member. Those of us who attended have every intention of making this a monthly outing!

Stephanie Driscoll, Customer Care Representative

Last Friday night, a few of us in the Customer Care department decided to go check out our fellow coworker, Missy, and her comedic partner, Connor, in their latest improv/musical/comedy performance. They had everyone in the theater, including myself, laughing so hard the entire time! Both Missy and Connor were amazing and performed perfectly together. As someone who had never been to Arcade Comedy Theater previously, they have definitely turned me into an avid attendee now!

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