Five Things to Remember for Your Fourth of July Event

  • By ShowClix Team | Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

It’s almost time for America’s 237th birthday! If you are hosting an event for Fourth of July, we’ve got a couple things you should remember before you start up the festivities:

5. Print out a guest list.

When you are in the Admin and viewing a specific event, you will see several icons located to the right including Admissions. A drop down list will give you a Guest List option. Once viewing the guest list, click View Printable Version and print out a list to have at admissions or at the entrance to your event. This allows people to feel like VIP and is also handy as a back up for your records.

4. Make sure your devices for scanning are fully charged and working.

Always have a power source to recharge your batteries or a couple back up batteries for scanning devices. Make sure you have a reliable Internet connection so that Axess can work properly without any delays. Test and retest scanning a ticket before the crowd comes your way. We also recommend investing in a ‘hotspot’ for your event!

3. Have a First Aid Kit on hand.

In case of emergencies, a first aid kit is essential at any event. Fireworks and barbeques can be dangerous endeavors if not handled with care, so make sure you have a well-stocked first aid kit this Fourth of July. You can DIY your own kit, or find one pre-assembled at any pharmacy, grocery store, or gas station.

2. Water, water, water.

In this heat, water is a must. Make sure you have enough for yourself and for your volunteers and guests. It is critical to stay hydrated in the summer months, so make sure you have access and plenty of water. Sometimes the most obvious things (like having fresh water available) get forgotten. While we’re at it, don’t forget the sunscreen as well.

1. Tickets, of course!

Have all preprinted tickets organized, because when the crowd comes, they are ready to go and celebrate at your event! If you are attending a Fourth of July event, make sure you have your tickets printed out or know where they are located on your mobile device. If you need to reprint or resend tickets to your phone, log in to your account at My Tickets. Need help navigating My Tickets? Learn more on our support site.

Have a safe and happy celebration for America this year! What are some of your tips for a Fourth of July event?