Gather Instagram Followers for your Seasonal Event

  • By ShowClix Team | Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

We know that social media is one of the most efficient and visible ways to promote an event. Since millions are using social media to connect, your audience is virtually unlimited — but when it comes to seasonal events, how do you appeal to the masses and gain a following?

Try hashtags!

A word can become a hashtag on social media sites such as Instagram simply by adding ‘#’ before a word or a combined phrase. When people are looking for certain events or inspiration, your hashtag will appear in their hashtag search.

Admittedly, we are so excited about Thanksgiving and the Holidays that we’ve been looking up seasonal hashtags and getting inspired! It’s been especially fun with Instagram; looking up Thanksgiving Day sides, desserts, even how people prepare a turkey has gotten us both motivated and hungry!

If you are hosting a Thanksgiving or Holiday event, try coming up with a unique hashtag specifically for your event! Try something such a #FriendsgivingFL or #ToddlerTurkeyTrot. Start a conversation with your followers using a unique hashtag and make sure you monitor it closely either in Instagram’s search or a service such as Hashtracking. You don’t want to miss the chance to talk about details, get people excited, or lose the chance to gain more followers.

Or get people’s attention by hashtagging foods that will be served at your event. Some popular food hashtags in the Thanksgiving category are #turkey, #turkeydinner, #mashedpotatoes, #greenbeancasserole, #cranberrysauce and #pecanpie. Yum!

With Instagram, you can get tummies rumbling with the food hashtags above, or get toes tappin’ with eagerness to come to your dance, run/walk benefit, cocktail reception, etc. with hashtags suchs as #BlackFridayDanceLessons, #DJCranberrySauce or #WalkLikeATurkey.

Instagram can benefit your seasonal event since it relies heavily on visuals. One great way to increase promotion and brand recognition is to hold a contest via Instagram. Offer a pair of tickets, a free t shirt, or VIP upgrade for your event if users snap a photo, share it on Instagram and add your customized hashtag! This is a great tool kit for holding photo contests with Instagram.

With the Holiday season, it’s fun to get creative and unique for these events. Try some of our tips for your next event today! And check out some other event promotional tips in this blog post.