Help Fans Get Tickets With Customized Facebook Tab

  • By ShowClix Team | Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Selling tickets on your Facebook page is one of the most convenient ways to hook up your customers.

But how do you make the tab feel like a part of your brand?

Customize your “Get Tickets” tab today! In a few simple steps, you’ll sell out those seats.

As soon as fans land on your Facebook page, they will see the “Get Tickets” tab. Better yet, you can edit and customize the tab however you like, such as custom graphics that read “Nutcracker 2012,” “Get Festival Tickets Here!” or “[Your Venue Here!] Tickets.”

Then simply upload of your own image—we recommend using small thumbnail images that are the standard size of 119×110 pixel—will keep the look and feel of your own website, business or brand!

Here are some reasons to maintain the same look and feel of your own brand:

  • It keeps you in control of your customers’ ticket buying experience.
  • It’s easy! All you have to do is connect to Facebook and install the app.
  • Selling tickets on Facebook will help you reach a wider audience, since Facebook has billions of users—most of whom log on multiple times each day!
  • Have fun with it: this is a chance for you to drive more ticket sales and get creative!

Visit this support page for how to make the most of selling tickets to your next event on Facebook.