Highlights from the DonorPro 2012 User Conference for Nonprofits

  • By ShowClix Team | Monday, September 24th, 2012

Last week, individuals from the nonprofit community gathered together for the inaugural DonorPro User Conference to connect and learn new techniques for nonprofit outreach, marketing, and donor management efforts. Taking place at the scenic Sheraton of Station Square in Pittsburgh, it was several days filled with insight, lessons, and ways to bring nonprofit ideas to life.

Kate Dewey, Partner of ParenteBeard, delivered the following quote, which defined the conference: “Don’t become so entrenched in your day-to-day work that you can’t see or lose sight of outside opportunity.” Representing ShowClix were Clixrs Erin Borger and Alexis Castorina. Continue reading for insights from Dewey, a nonprofit leader for over 35 years.   

Kate Dewey: “Nonprofits must balance mission, finance and capacity to be successful.”

The keynote speaker, Kate Dewey, made several great points. Outside of raising money for the organization, one of the biggest challenges nonprofits face is adopting and using new technology.

According to Dewey, nonprofits should be heavily investing in a strategic online, mobile and social media presence so they can stay visible, relevant and maintain and grow their connections. Donors, employees, board members and the community need to be engaged throughout the year (not just during annual appeal season) in order to keep them excited about the mission and engaged.

One of the biggest challenges with implementing new technology in a nonprofit organization, is getting the board of directors comfortable with technology. Dewey recommends starting with a small group of your board, getting them to adopt and see value in new technology, and to then have that group advocate on your behalf to the other board members.

Alexis Castorina and Erin Borger at the ShowClix table.

Knowing that online marketing is so vital to nonprofit success, DonorPro has released a product called DonorPro Links, which helps grow a web presence for nonprofits:

DonorPro’s newest addition is called DonorPro Links, a search engine grading tool to help evaluate whether your website is search engine friendly. More than ever, your website’s performance is essential for reaching a wider audience, showcasing your mission, and developing new relationships. With DonorPro Links, you’ll have the tools your website needs to rise to the top of search engine results pages and gain exposure.” Interested in this feature for your nonprofit? Contact DonorPro by calling 866-935-8281 or email info@donorpro.com