How Event Professionals Can Make the Most Out of YouTube

  • By Christie Stapf | Thursday, February 4th, 2016
Youtube Tips for Event Professionals

Your attendees are interested in more than just your event, they want to be part of your culture. With the ever increasing popularity of YouTube, event professionals can share more with their fans and increase their chance of getting noticed by new ticket buyers by having an active YouTube channel.

To help you get the most our of your event’s YouTube channel, here are a few tips for your account.

Page Set-up

When setting up your YouTube channel, be sure to keep everything recognizable. Stay true to your event’s image by customizing your channel to the look and feel of your website. You can do this by uploading your logo, staying with your typical color scheme, and offering a link to your event’s website. For seasoned users, group video content by specific channels based on topic such as event day set-up or fan interviews.


In order to attract a large following to your channel, make sure to post regularly and keep the content fresh. Allow your viewers to recall the true feel of the moment even after the performance is over. Fans can review footage, recall their own experience, reminisce moments throughout the performance, and maybe catch a sneak peek of a VIP.


By allowing a comments section to your YouTube channel, you encourage your viewers to share their event experiences with you and with other fans. Keep in mind, there are options available to display comments such as the automatic option, and the display only after approval option. The first allows posts to be shown as soon as they are written, while the display only after approval option allows you more control over the comments.

YouTube Analytics

With YouTube Analytics, you can measure your success, and determine what event content attracts the most viewers. Learn the best time of day to reach your viewers, traffic patterns, and engagements with your channel. While looking in the audience retention section of YouTube Analytics, pay close attention to the first fifteen seconds of each video post. Typically, in that short of amount of time, a fan will determine if they are interested in leaving or staying to watch the remainder of the video. This will help you determine what videos to capture at your next event!

Marketing Materials

An added bonus! The videos you collect can be used in future marketing materials to help you sell tickets to your next event. Consider sending event reminder emails with video clips showing the crowd enjoying the show, or post excited attendees describing their experience on your social accounts to get fans excited. Keep in mind, you will want these marketing videos to be less than 1 minute, and end in a call to action to get the most out of your ad.