How Mobile Ticketing Helps Nonprofit Events

  • By ShowClix Team | Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Contributed by Katie Vojtko, Marketing Specialist at TowerCare Technologies 

Mobile. It’s everywhere you look, and the technology is changing the way we communicate, share, discover and learn. As smartphone and tablet sales now exceed sales of traditional computers and laptops, it’s time to consider how your nonprofit can get in on the action.

But how? You’re already juggling your direct mail, email newsletters, annual appeals and fundraising events. In recent years, mobile technology has evolved to integrate with nearly every piece of outreach at your disposal. Initiatives like SMS marketing, mobile ticket delivery and mobile giving can save your nonprofit time, money and headaches.

How to Get Involved:

• Mobile ticketing is convenient, eco-friendly, fast and efficient. Your constituents can register and pay for your next event securely online. Then, when opted to receive their mobile ticket, a text message with a unique QR code is delivered to your registrants within 48 hours of the event. When ticket holders arrive, your staff can scan the QR codes with a ticket scanner (also available as an app for mobile phones!) to verify registration — it’s that easy!

• Text message marketing gives you the power to directly reach your audience. Some nonprofits find success while promoting specific events, needs or drives with text message marketing. Others, however, use mobile as a constant, year-round marketing tool for staying in touch with your constituents. How you can best utilize text message marketing is up to you!

• Mobile giving is a simple and cost-effective way to ask for and receive funds to support your mission — just think back to the 2010 Haiti earthquake, when the American Red Cross sponsored a highly successful mobile donation campaign. Mobile giving capabilities capture your audience’s attention when the need is urgent, while providing a convenient platform for them to take action.

Why should you go mobile?

• More Flexibility for Constituents, Donors and Volunteers:

Mobile ticket delivery, as well as mobile responsive websites and forms, make it easier to get involved and stay connected with your fundraising efforts.

• Improves Efficiency, Saves Time:

Text message marketing saves time for both you and your audience. Mobile ticket delivery simplifies event registration by allowing your staff to use a simple ticket scanner. Mobile donation pages, easy-to-access reports and text message marketing can save time for you and your donors, while increasing revenue and your bottom line.

• Eco-Friendly, Reducing Waste:

Save paper and printing costs by delivering marketing messaging and tickets, directly and electronically to the mobile phones of your supporters.

• Gain Insights and Record Data:

There was a time when it was difficult to track the activities of your constituents — you can get a full picture view of what links your donors view, as well as how and when they donate. Track information on ticket sales for your events, and use these insights to improve your future outreach and event planning.

• Loyalty and Retainment:

Your mobile outreach and easily accessible information will keep your mission on the minds of your constituents as you communicate with them through quick, mobile updates. SMS marketing will increase your exposure to your network and help you create strong, more loyal relationships with each constituent.

Sounds pretty great, right? Well, text message marketing, mobile giving, and mobile ticketing are not out of reach for your nonprofit – no matter how big or small. Join us for a 30-minute mobile marketing webinar to learn how!