How RFID Enhances Your Event

  • By David Kennedy | Tuesday, May 29th, 2018
How RFID Enhances Your Event

You’ve likely been hearing more about RFID (a.k.a. radio-frequency identification) and its growing presence in live events over the past few years. With all this buzz, you may be wondering what RFID can do to improve your event. What you may not have realized, is just how versatile this technology is!

Read on to find out how RFID technology can enhance the attendee experience and strengthen your event operations.

Benefits for event organizers

Fraud prevention

RFID in badges or wristbands serves as a unique identifier. This makes counterfeiting, duplication, or unauthorized transfer/resale of passes nearly impossible. And if an attendee reports their RFID-equipped credentials lost or stolen, you can easily deactivate and reissue.

Lead generation

You can better connect exhibitors with attendees using RFID lead capture. Attendees can simply swipe their badge or wristband and leave a “virtual business card” containing pre-loaded contact information that the vendor can use later to contact those attendees.

Better audience insights

RFID allows you to collect real-time data relating to crowd flow and attendance at your event. This data can help determine which panels are filling to capacity, peaks and lulls in admission lines, and more. When planning next year’s event, these insights help determine scheduling, number and location of entrances and exits, and staffing needs.

Benefits for attendees

Simplified payment

RFID can be equipped with cashless payment functionality, allowing your attendees to purchase food, beverages, and merchandise with a simple swipe of their wristband or badge. Consider allowing attendees to add a pre-loaded value or connect a credit card to the badge, reducing queuing and eliminating the need to carry cash.

Streamlined admissions

With RFID, the need to physically scan a barcode or visually inspect a ticket for authenticity are eliminated, which saves time and cuts wait times. A simple wave of an RFID badge or wristband near a scanner will provide your gate attendants with all the information they need to get your customers into the event quickly and securely.

More engaging experiences

The ease of use offered by RFID makes engaging with on-site activations and experiences that much more appealing to attendees. RFID photo stations give attendees a way to snap an event-branded photo and have it sent directly to their pre-loaded email address. They can also participate in on-site giveaways, scavenger hunts, and more with a quick tap of a badge.

If you’d like to learn more about what RFID technology can do for your event, contact our team today!