How the iPhone 6s and New iOS 9 Benefits Event Professionals

  • By Cara Hoover | Monday, November 2nd, 2015
iOS 9 Benefits Event Professionals

Apple’s recent release of their iPhone 6s with the new iOS 9 software has the capability to significantly increase daily productivity for event professionals.

We know that daily event management presents a set of tasks that must be handled efficiently and effectively, so we’ve outlined the features of iOS 9 that will best meet event professionals needs.

Live Photos

In the fast-paced environment of the event industry, quality photos are essential. Not all event professionals have high-quality photo resources at their disposal. Luckily, the iPhone 6s’ new feature, Live Photos, takes a full-resolution still image and captures movement and sound just before and after the photo is taken. Live Photos and the highest camera quality we’ve seen from Apple yet ensures you’ll snap the perfect picture at any event.

Battery Life

Hectic event days leave little spare time to charge your phone, but a dead battery is not an option. Apple’s iOS 9 guarantees an extra hour of battery life with a new feature called Low Power mode. Once you engage this setting, your phone conserves battery usage even while using all of your apps. Your iPhone also recognizes when it’s face down and prohibits your screen from turning on, even when you receive a notification to ensure your battery is being used efficiently.

Proactive Assistant

Proactive Assistant learns about your habits throughout the day and offers relevant shortcuts to apps and functions based on your previous actions, and geographical habits. For example, let’s say every morning you routinely look at your ticket sale growth in our Live app, your Proactive Assistant will begin to suggest Live for you. Or if you’re heading to a conference and receive an email with a hotel reservation, iOS 9 suggests setting up a calendar event. If a calendar event includes a location, Proactive Assistant reports traffic conditions and sends a reminder to leave at the perfect time.

Contact Suggestions

Sending emails or invitations to a group of people can be time-consuming, especially when you’re trying to get the message out quickly. When you send an invite, iOS 9 offers contacts that you usually include with them. It bases this information on past events and emails with similar subject lines. This feature speeds up the email process and guarantees that anyone critical to your event is included.

Notes App

Whether you’re at an event meeting, on-site, or on the go, the Notes app is the perfect tool. The iOS 9 update enables you to add a photo, map, or URL to any note. You can even draw a sketch with your finger to make things simpler for yourself. On event day, sketch a note on a picture to help you remember the necessary├é┬ádetails.