How Timed Entry Will Transform Your Attraction’s Reopening

  • By David Kennedy | Monday, May 3rd, 2021
Timed Entry Will Transform Your Attraction's Reopening

It’s time to reopen your doors and welcome guests back to your museums, pop-ups, and other in-demand attractions! The general public is ready to get back out and enjoy in-person experiences, so how can you be sure your attraction is ready to reopen and stay open? We’ve got the solution for you!

Our powerful timed entry feature makes it easier than ever to maintain close control over your venue’s capacity, ticket sales, and staffing needs. Selling tickets at customizable time slots will help you stagger admissions, making it easy to maintain a safe distance throughout your attraction, and even sell more tickets overall. Read on and find out how our timed entry feature can make reopening your attractions easier than you’d think!

Keep Capacity Airtight

Right off the bat, timed entry will transform your reopening plan by giving you total control over venue capacity at all times. Whether you manage a pop-up museum or a botanical garden, use our system to effortlessly set up recurring time slots at daily, hourly, or even minute-by-minute intervals. Set custom ticket quantities per time slot to welcome a steady stream of attendees all day long while keeping crowd levels safe and secure. Pro tip: don’t forget to let ticket buyers know that they’ll need to enter your attraction at their specified time slot to keep the admissions process smooth, and to maintain personal space for all once inside!

Sell Out Your Attractions

Using timed entry can be helpful for more than just controlling capacity; spreading out ticket availability throughout the day can also have the added effect of helping you sell more tickets than ever before! When your most popular time slots begin to fill up (early evening, for example) customers will be encouraged to purchase tickets during other open time slots, spreading attendance more evenly throughout the day. By increasing traffic at off-peak times and keeping caps on capacity during those busier time slots, you’ll be primed to sell more tickets per day without ever needing to worry about lines or overcrowding!

Take the Guesswork Out of Scheduling

Those of us who love to plan ahead know that when customers pre-purchase tickets and select a specific time slot for entry, you’ll be able to prepare for each day better than ever before. Knowing your daily attendance numbers ahead of time takes the guesswork out of scheduling coverage, so you’ll know exactly how much staffing you need, and when. These customer forecasts can also prove helpful with needs like merchandise ordering, and making sure concessions are properly stocked (you don’t want to run out of snacks on a particularly busy day!) Plus, you can block off select time slots to facilitate regular cleaning and sanitization of the exhibit throughout the day, all without interrupting any attendee’s experience!

Always Know Who’s Inside

Individual time slots make it easy to know exactly when each guest visited your attraction. This information is very helpful if you need to contact attendees from a certain window of time with relevant health and safety updates, contact tracing efforts, or otherwise. Consider scanning visitors’ tickets both at entry and exit for an even more precise record of when each attendee was within your facility, and use this information to fully optimize how your time slots are set up, exhibit layout, and more.

Are you ready to implement timed entry for your attractions? Find out more about what our system can do, and contact our team today!