How to Address Fans’ Questions on Social Media

  • By David Kennedy | Wednesday, September 20th, 2017
How to Address Fans’ Questions on Social Media

Social media is, by definition, a very public forum. Whether it’s positive or negative, every legitimate question deserves a response. Letting your customers know their questions are being heard and addressed fosters a good relationship with you and your fans, and can serve to help how your event is perceived.

Because your social presence is a critical factor in your event’s success, our social media experts have compiled a list of the best responses for different types of social media inquiries.

Simple Event Questions

With any publicly visible social media inquiry, it’s important to be as direct as possible. You should be prepared for fans to ask various questions about your event. Inquiries may include anything from when the doors will open, to where can they find the schedule, to what’s included with different price levels. In these cases, we recommend simply replying publicly with a brief answer. It’s also a great idea to personalize your responses to provide a more genuine feeling to the interaction. Beginning your replies with “Hey Mike, thanks for reaching out to us!” or something similar makes you seem less robotic and more like a real person! If you anticipate other guests having similar questions, consider posting a link to your FAQ page on your account.

Unique Ticket Questions

When a customer reaches out and asks a more personal question or brings a new issue to light, you’ll want to use your best judgment before replying. If their inquiry can be properly addressed with one or two brief messages, then go for it. A good rule of thumb, however, is to avoid posting more than two replies publicly. If it’s a question regarding private information like their specific tickets or a credit card decline, or you suspect it’s a more in-depth issue that requires research, request that the customer contact you via direct message, or provide them your customer support team’s email or phone contact information.

Widespread Questions

If multiple social comments contain similar questions or concerns, it is in your best interest to publicly post on your social accounts either the resolution or an announcement that the issue is being investigated (you might want to use a Quote Tweet on Twitter or share the post on Facebook to highlight the issue being addressed). This will communicate to all of your followers that their concerns have been noted, and prevents you from needing to follow up individually.

Dissatisfied Customer Questions

Your fans are very excited and passionate about your event, so emotions can run high! When a frustrated customer reaches out to you via social media, you don’t want to ignore them, but you also want to avoid a public back-and-forth. Your best course of action is an offer to redirect the discussion to a private channel, either via direct message or your event’s customer support team. Then you should disengage publicly, even if the customer continues posting to your public profile.