How to Embed Event Listings and Sell Tickets on Your Website

  • By Anthony | Wednesday, April 6th, 2016
How to Embed Event Listings and Sell Tickets on Your Website

ShowClix’s event listings have everything your customers need to purchase tickets to your next event. Did you know you can add your listings — and your event calendar — to your organization’s website?

Our Embedded Checkout tool gives you customizable widgets that can be placed pretty much anywhere on your website. If you can edit the HTML of a page, you can squeeze our embedded checkout into it.

We’ve preserved all of the essential features of our event listings and calendar, so you’ll maintain the same simple ticket purchase experience for your customers.

Estimated time: 5 minutes

Review your site and plan your widget.

  • First, it’ll be helpful to assess your website and figure out how your embedded checkout will fit in.
  • Take note of your brand colors in use on the page, as well as the general dimensions (height x width) of the area on the page where you want to place the embedded checkout. You can use Google Chrome’s Developer Tools to inspect elements on a page.
  • Not a designer? That’s okay. You can still prepare the basic functionality of the embedded checkout and pass the snippet to be fine tuned by the designer in your organization.

Visit the embedded checkout manager.

  • Sign in to the ShowClix Admin and click the Marketing section.
  • Click Embedded Checkout.
  • Select New Widget.

Customize your widget.

  • Enter a reference name for this particular widget. Consider naming it after the page where it will appear.
  • Select one of your templates to apply to the widget. If your website has a different color palette than your event listings, you may want to create or use a separate template for embedded checkout.
  • Enter the dimensions for the embedded checkout window. (Again, you may want to consult your website team for the perfect fit.)
  • Now you can tailor the specifics of the embedded checkout. Disable the Show Events List setting to direct customers to a specific event, or toggle Begin on Calendar View to determine whether to list upcoming events as a calendar.
  • You can also make further adjustments to the template or add a tracking tag to measure any purchases made through the embedded checkout.
  • Click Save!

Grab your snippet and add it to your site.

  • Now that your widget is finished, you’ll need the code snippet. Return to the embedded checkout manager and locate your widget. Click Show Embed Code.
  • Copy this snippet to your clipboard. Return to the platform you use to manage your website, and paste this snippet into the code.
  • Visit the page on your website where you want the embedded checkout to appear, and take a look at your new menu. Do you like what you see? If not, return to the embedded checkout tool and make adjustments to size and color.

Is there something else you’d like to see with our website integration tools? Share it with us at! We’re always looking for ways to improve. Thanks for reading!

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