How to Gain Donations from Customers

  • By ShowClix Team | Friday, November 30th, 2012

Benefit concerts, awareness dinners, nonprofit galas, walkathons – these are the type of events that should take advantage of our donations feature during checkout. In fact – any event selling tickets with ShowClix can ask their customers for donations! Adding the option for a donation gives people more of an opportunity to help your organization’s efforts and good cause.

Since they are already purchasing tickets to your event, feeling generous and pumped up by your customized event page, asking for donations during checkout is the perfect time! We’ve got some tips for driving more donations to your organization, all through the easy-to-use ShowClix ticket buying process.

Give donors the opportunity to act here and now, right on your event page. It allows people to immediately respond and help benefit whatever you’re event is fueling; The American Red Cross, efforts across the world, environmental awareness, local tragedies, etc.

People don’t give with their head, they give with their heart. You can add a video testimonial to your event page, add statistics or quotes, get people inspired and let them know where they’re money is truly going.

Some people donate because they are emotionally moved by someone’s story, generally want to help those in need, or contribute to changing someone’s life. Or perhaps they want to feel part of a community, or share their successes. Whatever the reason, requesting donations in addition to ticket buying is easy and simple with ShowClix.

Visit this support page, scroll to Step 3 for finding how to add donations to your checkout process. All it takes is selecting “Yes” when creating event. Then, ticket buyers will be asked to give a donation during checkout, after they hit “Get Tickets” with their desired ticket quantity.

Donations can also be accepted through Crowd. If people are purchasing tickets using Crowd, or at the door the day of the event, the person selling tickets can ask “And would you like to make a donation along with your ticket purchase?” and easily add-on any desired amount with a few clicks.

In addition to asking for donations on your event page, you can also sell merchandise directly on your event page! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or leave it in the comments below.