How to Use Facebook Audience Insights to Improve Your Event Marketing

  • By Ashley Ranich | Monday, March 5th, 2018
Use Facebook Audience Insights to Optimize Your Marketing Strategy

Before we can optimize our event marketing efforts, we have to analyze the data we have available to us. Since there are hundreds of platforms and systems available, some free, some not, do you find yourself asking “Where do I start?” Facebook Audience Insights is a free and powerful analytics tool housed in the Facebook Ads Manager that cuts through the mass of information and returns important insights about your Facebook page’s followers that are easy to understand and utilize.

Facebook Audience Insights help you uncover aggregate information about users who are connected to your Facebook page, analyze smaller, related segments of followers, and take a look at the general Facebook population so you can compare to your audience. With a wealth of parameters, this free tool can do a lot.

To help you get started, our event marketing experts recommend you use Facebook Audience Insights to do the following:

Campaign Targeting

One of the most beneficial aspects of Facebook’s advertising platform is the ability to target niche corners of the website’s usership. Utilize Audience Insights to uncover findings about your market and launch highly-targeted Facebook ad campaigns. For example, if you run an annual fandom convention, you can discover which movies, TV shows, comics, or games your fans are into this year to direct your interest targeting.

Also, use the information you learned in Facebook on other marketing platforms. For example, if you find that a television show is popular with your market, launch a TV-targeted Twitter campaign to increase brand awareness for your event.

Content Strategy

Take much of the guesswork out of your social media content strategy by taking direction from Facebook Audience Insights. It will provide you with a list of popular pages that your audience is likely to be engaged with. Check out those pages and select relevant third-party content to post on your social media.

Event Day Preparation

Explore Audience Insights to reveal key preferences of your fans to help you with event day decisions. Do they prefer Pepsi or Coke? Is there a merch item that a majority of your market is particularly interested in? Or maybe there’s a business that your attendees have a connection to that would make a sensible sponsor. These data-driven event day decisions will enhance the overall experience of your attendees.