How to Use Live iOS

  • By Anthony | Tuesday, May 30th, 2017
How to Use Live iOS

We just recently launched a dramatic overhaul of our real-time analytics app, Live iOS!

This new version is a primarily stylistic update, but we’ve also shifted some of the ways we prioritize how you can view your information. While we still provide your data in real time, the app is more focused on providing precise snapshots of your recent sales and other customer activity.

Let’s take a high-level look below at the app’s features.

Upcoming Events

When you sign in, you’ll now see a list of all of your upcoming events. Each event also includes highlights of recent activity, including basic event details, recent and total ticket sales, and total revenue for the event.

(Note: Revenue is calculated from ticket face value minus discounts, comps, and refunds)

Recent Tickets

  • Tap any event to access its Event Breakdown.
  • This view displays several different blocks of data about your event, starting with a graph of recent ticket sales by day.
  • Swipe left and right on the graph to navigate through each day of sales.
  • The scale of this graph is relative; in other words, each day’s bar is represented relative to your best day of sales.

Tickets, Revenue, and Page Views

  • The Tickets block displays a timeline of tickets sold, along with a count and a special note of the number of tickets sold today.
  • The Revenue block displays the same view as Tickets, but with a glimpse at your financial info for the event. (Remember: face value minus discounts, comps, and refunds.)
  • The Page Views block simply displays a total of page views on your ShowClix event listing.

Price Levels and Traffic Sources

  • We’ve also included two new tables that break down event details by individual metrics.
  • First you’ll notice the Price Levels breakdown, which displays total tickets and revenue for each price level on the event.
  • The Traffic Sources breakdown provides a similar look at your event information. For this table, however, you’ll see where your customers came from when they found your event listing.

For those of you who enjoyed the real-time focus of the previous version of Live, we’ve also maintained the live streaming data. Just click the Live Activity button at the bottom of any event.

Any feedback or suggestions for improvement with our new version of Live iOS? We’re constantly working on improvements and would love to hear from you at!

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