How Using Reels Can Grow Your Event’s Instagram Following

  • By Aisley Stuebs | Wednesday, December 15th, 2021
Using Reels To Grow Your Event’s Instagram Following

With the explosion of TikTok’s popularity over the past few years, other social media platforms, like Instagram, have begun offering similar features to meet the increasing demand for short-form video content. Jumping onto this trend in mid-2020, Instagram launched 15-60 second vertically shot videos called Reels that can be overlaid with a variety of music and effects. Reels allow you to highlight exciting aspects of your events and give your Instagram account the chance to reach a much larger audience. 

Not sure if Instagram Reels is right for you? Read on for why you should consider using this feature to strategically develop your event’s Instagram following in 2022.

Strategic Perks of Reels

Reels provide a great opportunity to organically reach a significant amount of new viewers on Instagram. Similar to why certain TikToks are recommended on someone’s “For You” page, Instagram’s series of algorithms places videos in a user’s feed that it predicts they will enjoy based on their interests and previous activity. If you create a Reel that users meaningfully engage with, the app’s tailored algorithms will continue to share your video with others, which could snowball into exponentially more organic exposure! And, as Instagram continues to push user adoption of Reels, statistics indicate the platform’s algorithms place favorable emphasis on videos posted in this format.

Best Practices for Reels

To make sure your account is reaching and gaining as many new followers as possible, be sure your Reels’ content aligns with what works best on the platform. According to the Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri, Reels are ranked based on a user’s interests, the substance of your content, the user’s history of interaction with your account, and the level of popularity of your account. When it comes to content, the best performing Reels are the ones that immediately grab viewers’ attention, are highly entertaining, encourage a trend (like a dance or a challenge), inform users about a topic of interest, or inspire users to create their own Reels.

Ideally, you should film and edit your videos in the Instagram app as well, as Instagram tends to favor organic Reels content over repurposed TikTok videos. Use trending music or audio snippets from Instagram’s library, andtry overlaying text, filters, and other creative effects on your videos. Repurposing TikTok content is a viable option, but make sure to avoid reposting videos with TikTok’s watermark. To do so, film your video content with your phone’s camera, then individually edit your content on each social media platform before uploading.

According to Instagram’s official newsletter for creators, it’s important to post with some level of frequency, as long as you’re still creating meaningful content. Also, ensure that you genuinely interact with those who comment on your posts and engage with your account. This engagement increases the chance of your future content appearing sooner in users’ feeds and receiving more attention, especially if they follow you!

Content Ideas for Your Reels

Understanding that quality content is key to expanding your Instagram following, we’ve laid out some ideas for you to try when creating Reels for your events:

Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peeks

Film time-lapses of aesthetically pleasing set up or tear down of your event, share a laugh with clips of event crew shenanigans, or compile a montage about a day in the life of a crew member — just to name a few!

Highlight Clips from Previous Events

Hype up viewers for your upcoming events by sharing videos of past attendees having a blast or key moments from previous guest speakers and performers.

Q&A Interviews and Takeovers with Talent

Have your special guests answer fans’ burning questions and create other entertaining content that’s unique to their personalities. When you do, be sure to tag these guests to draw in their followers to your Reel as well.

Stories from Your Event Experience

Share the inside scoop about the ups and downs of your event planning experience, giving attendees a genuine look into the inner workings of what goes into creating their favorite live events!

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