Introducing: Customer Segments

  • By Christie Stapf | Tuesday, January 17th, 2017
Introducing: Customer Segments

Enhance your marketing and customer engagement with Segments, our new tool that filters and groups ticket buyers based on criteria such as location, spending habits, purchase history, event attendance, and more.

Read on to learn how Segments can help customize your marketing campaigns:

Learn more about your customers

Segments allows you to generate detailed lists that filter your customers into specific groups. The segments you create can be based on demographic and behavioral criteria. You will learn information such as who your top spenders are, who your most loyal fans are, and who has yet to buy tickets. This information can then be utilized to create specific marketing campaigns and customer engagement.

Send targeted email campaigns inside the ShowClix Admin

Use Segments to conveniently send email campaigns within our Admin to customers who have met certain criteria. Develop email campaigns to upsell to those who’ve already bought tickets or send operational emails to share urgent information such as a change in one seating level to those who’ve purchased in that level.

Create remarketing lists for third-party marketing platforms

Create custom audiences inside Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, or Google AdWords by uploading the segments you made in our Admin. Remarket to your custom audiences by offering exclusive discounts to your most loyal fans, reminding last year’s ticket buyers to get tickets this year, or selling merchandise to buyers who’ve already purchased tickets certain price levels.

Get started with Segments in the ShowClix Admin now, or check out our Segments User Guide.