Introducing: Live iOS

  • By Christie Stapf | Tuesday, May 9th, 2017
Introducing: Live iOS

Event organizers are always on the move; that’s why we transformed our Live mobile app to provide quick access to real-time sales, revenue, and traffic data for all of your events. We also included built-in sharing features so you can keep your team updated and make quick decisions on the go.

Read on to learn how you can utilize Live iOS:

View real-time data

Stay informed with instant access to real-time data on each of your events right from your mobile devices. Seamlessly check ticket sales and recent event activity to help you make quick decisions.

Gain valuable information

See how users find your site and when your ticket sales spiked to assess the impact of your promotional campaigns. Learn how your visitors engage with your event listing, how they move through the purchase process, and which price levels are selling out.

Share important data

Use Live iOS to share key metrics with your partners via text or email from inside the app. Show them how your recent marketing push increased sales or how your ticket sales and revenue have increased.

Download our Live iOS app now, and check out our Live iOS User Guide!