Introducing: Marketing Dashboard

  • By Christie Stapf | Tuesday, December 6th, 2016
Introducing: Marketing Dashboard

The ShowClix Marketing Dashboard allows you to market your events right from our Admin. You can send promotional emails, connect third party marketing tools, and increase your event’s social presence all from one place.

The Marketing Dashboard houses a collection of marketing tools that are organized into 5 user-friendly categories: Social Media, Email Campaigns, Marketing Accounts, Tracking Tags, and Event Calendar. Each section has a set of parameters that will trigger alerts encouraging you to enable important features, utilize a feature for an upcoming event, or congratulate you for completing a marketing task.

Learn how the Marketing Dashboard can help you promote your event:

Integrate with Google Analytics and other data platforms

Learn more about your sales data by tracking specific marketing campaigns and collecting detailed ticket buyer information with URL tracking tags and Google Analytics. Then, watch as the Marketing Dashboard feeds you updates when new milestones are completed or new features are ready to be utilized.

Connect your social platforms and manage event hashtags

Keep the conversation around your event buzzing with links to your event’s social media accounts right on your ShowClix event listings. Be sure to encourage your ticket buyers to share their excitement with all their friends using our Tell a Friend prompt which will allow them to post or email their friends from the confirmation page.

Measure the success of your promotional email campaigns

Use the Marketing Dashboard to send and monitor all of your promotional email campaigns. Send out reminders, offer discounts, or promote merchandise to your ticket buyers and see which one adds the most value. You will also be conveniently reminded to send emails as critical event dates near.

Create a seamless buying experience with embedded checkouts and event calendars

Encourage your fans to buy now by adding an embedded checkout and buy now button right on your event’s website. You can also keep the purchase process quick and easy by allowing your fans to simply click the date they wish to attend and upload their payment information.

Get started with the Marketing Dashboard in the ShowClix Admin now, or check out our Marketing Dashboard Help Guide.