Introducing: Ticket Insurance

  • By Lindsay Biondy | Wednesday, January 24th, 2018
Introducing: Ticket Insurance

Ticket buyers can protect their purchases with our newest feature: ticket insurance! We’ve recently integrated with TicketGuardian, an industry-leading ticket insurance technology company, so you can present your ticket buyers with ticket insurance as an option in the checkout process. It will give the buyer a transparent choice to protect their purchase or decline the insurance.

Read on to learn how ticket insurance will help you create a better relationship with your buyers.

Drive advanced ticket sales

The protection of ticket insurance gives your ticket buyers greater peace of mind, incentivizing them to buy tickets earlier. You can then better plan your admissions strategy, merchandise quantity, and needed event day security.  

Deepen brand loyalty

By offering an easy way to recover the cost of unused tickets, you’ll be able to establish a better relationship with your ticket buyers. Develop lasting brand loyalty by assuring them that their entire experience is your top priority.

Save valuable time

Ticket insurance will reduce the number of chargebacks, refunds, and bank fees your organization encounters so you can go back to focusing on other important tasks.

Maximize ticket inventory

If a ticket insurance claim is approved, those tickets will go back into your overall inventory. You can then resell those tickets ensuring the seats are filled and making double the amount for those tickets.

Learn more from our press release.