LEGO KidsFest Invades Pittsburgh

  • By ShowClix Team | Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Last week, LEGO® KidsFest came to Pittsburgh’s David L. Lawrence Convention Center, and we all turned five years old again here at the ShowClix office. We’ve had the privilege of working with LIFE Marketing & Events who host dozens of events across the country each year. They recently announced their 2013 LEGO® KidsFest dates, and you can get your tickets online now!

Some Clixrs were able to get a sneak peek of the behind the scenes to see how they’ve laid out their ticketing plan, and we had so much fun participating in some building!

“LIFE Marketing & Events has been ticketing the LEGO® KidsFest events with ShowClix for the past 2 years, and each year has grown in both the length of the tour and the attendance,” Matt Donnelly, our Director of Account Management, said.

“The entire LIFE Marketing team is amazing to work with: very professional, organized, efficient and friendly. The organization’s Ticket Manager & Event Coordinator Michelle DiLuzio is simply the best! She is always eager to understand the ins and outs of the ticketing system. One of my favorite clients, no doubt.”

Donnelly spending a moment with a man made entirely out of LEGO®s. 

Donnelly continued, “I was fortunate enough to be on-site for two of the five KidsFest sessions while they were in Pittsburgh this year. The event is extraordinary! It’s quite evident that the LIFE Marketing & Events team knows what they are doing too—not one of the more than 22,000 attendees looked the least bit stressed out during admissions. It helped that the ticket scanners worked flawlessly and admitted families into the event in a timely manner.

“Most importantly, the kids were excited!” Donnelly noted. “I’m looking forward to working with the LIFE Marketing & Events team on the LEGO® Kids Fest and other events for many years to come!”

A big pile of blocks presented the opportunity for making LEGO® angels! 

We added ShowClix to the LEGO® Art Wall.

A game involving cleaning up LEGO®S with a special vacuum, making chores fun!

Trying out the new LEGO® City Undercover game on the new Wii U! 

Everyone having a great time at LEGO® Kidsfest in Pittsburgh!

Be sure to check out LEGO Kidsfest when they visit your area!! You can find dates and more information on their official website. A very special thank you to LEGO Kidsfest and LIFE Marketing & Events for allowing us to be part of such great memories.