Meet Agent, Your Always-Connected, Automated Ticketing Assistant

  • By Anthony | Monday, April 6th, 2015
Agent, Automated Ticketing Assistant

What if your ticketing system could do things for you automatically?

What if it knew to send emails and text messages, update price levels and tweet for you, without you needing to check in every ten minutes to see if 75%, 90% or all of your tickets had sold?

Today, we’re excited to announce Agent, an always-connected automation tool that acts as your smart ticketing assistant.

Everything you can do with Agent is comprised of tasks you assign to it, and each task is made up of a rule and an action. Rules are the conditions or thresholds that, when met, tell Agent to carry out your actions.

Here are some examples that give an idea of how Agent can start helping you:

• Receive an email notification when your event sells out. This is a big one. There are dozens of things you need to start working on when your event has sold its last ticket, and now you can be ready as soon as that happens.

• Tweet to alert your followers when tickets are almost gone. Improve your customer experience and give your biggest fans a better chance to grab the last few tickets. With Agent, the system can automatically tweet for you when a certain percentage or number of your tickets have sold.

• Text your team when all tickets have been scanned at the gate. While our Axess ticket scanners will reliably sync their counts on your Wi-Fi network, this task saves you a step and automatically alerts your team when the last ticket has been scanned.

With Agent, you’ll be able to rest easy when you step away from your account, because you’ll know that Agent is watching and waiting to carry out your instructions.

Want to start using Agent? Get started in your account right now, or check out our Agent help guide.