Meet the Team: Aaron Crothers, Client Success Manager

  • By Cara Hoover | Tuesday, March 15th, 2016
Meet the Team: Aaron Crothers, Client Success Manager

We are happy to highlight Aaron Crothers, our Client Success Manager for the East Coast! Aaron and others in the Client Success team work hand in hand with our partners to understand their businesses and help them to get the most out of the ShowClix platform.

After receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from West Virginia University, Aaron spent a few years in a band playing the bass guitar touring at many rock clubs. He then furthered his career in Los Angeles by working behind the scenes in television production as well as in front of the camera. If you think he looks like the kind of guy that played a convict in multiple versions of the CSI franchise, you’re right!

In 2010, Aaron joined the ShowClix team as one of the first Customer Care Representatives. Due to his willingness to go above and beyond with partner relations, it wasn’t long before he moved into Client Services full time. Today, as our Client Success Manager of the East Coast, he continues working to ensure partner satisfaction, building and maintaining relationships, and anticipating needs.

In your experience, can you share with us some tips on how to provide a positive customer experience?
Don’t be afraid to make a phone call when possible. It’s more personal than email. I try to treat my partners like I’m sitting at the desk next to them and we’re working on the project together.

Walk us through a typical day at the office.
It starts with coffee, then emails, calls, and check-ins. One of the things I like most about ShowClix is that my job varies from day-to-day. Sometimes I have to set-up events with a partner, problem solve on challenging requests, or manage big event on sales. Never a dull moment.

Can you describe what it’s like to work with partners that you are also a super fan of?
It makes you feel cool when you are contacting Comedy Central or The Late Show on a regular basis to assist with how they put on shows. With my background in television and my mega fandom of the shows, it’s pretty rad to be involved even in a small way. As a bonus, I also get to attend Comic Cons on a regular basis, and if you know me, you know that’s kid at Christmas levels of fun for me. I like to count the Deadpool/Harley Quinn costumes and wager on how many you’ll see of each. If you are familiar with Comic Con culture, you’ll think that’s hilarious.

What was one of the coolest experiences you had while working at an event?
Attending the premiere of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert was pretty momentous for me. Getting to see something like that when it’s brand new is not something many people are going to get to experience live. Watching Colbert take a stab at being himself behind the desk for the first time instead of his Comedy Central character was pretty special. I even got to toast the occasion with the whole team with some pretty fine champagne after the show.

You have been with ShowClix for almost 6 years now, but a dad for a year. Tell us what it’s like being a first time dad.
First, my kid rules, so I have to say she makes it pretty easy to strike a work-life balance. It’s cliché, but having my daughter really is the greatest thing I’ve done. I am a little surprised that her first word wasn’t ticket, though (it was Dad).