Meet the Team: Allison Taylor, Client Success Manager

  • By Lindsay Biondy | Monday, July 23rd, 2018
Meet the Team: Allison Taylor, Client Success Manager

Our client success team is always available to help during any point of our partners’ event lifecycle. Today, we’re pleased to introduce Allison Taylor, one of our Client Success Managers. In the nearly two years since joining our team, Allison has been an invaluable asset to helping our partners manage successful ticket on-sales, as well as offering expert event operations advice.

Allison graduated from Connecticut’s Fairfield University in 1995 with a degree in Marketing. For fifteen years following graduation, Allison worked with Reed Exhibitions for their B2B events as an Operations Manager, then as a Senior Registration Manager for ReedPOP, the fan-oriented division of Reed Exhibitions behind iconic events like New York Comic Con, PAX, and so many others. This experience made her the perfect fit for ShowClix!

Looking to further her event management skills, but wanting to stay within the live events industry, Allison joined our team in 2016 as the Client Success Manager for none other than her former employer, ReedPOP. Having experienced so many large-scale events from both the perspective of event organizer and event technology provider, she knew how to anticipate her partners’ needs and make herself available to them.

Today, Allison works with many of our partners, assisting them before, during, and after their events in whatever way they need to ensure their success! When she’s not supporting our partners, Allison loves spending time with her seven-year-old son and two lovable dogs.

Walk us through a typical week in the life of Allison Taylor, ShowClix Client Success Manager.

The best thing about my job is that every week, every day actually, is different. One day I might be setting up events for one of our partners, the next I could be training them on our system, and then the next day we could be brainstorming ideas to make their on-site experience even more successful. It’s one of the reasons why I love working in events!

As a primarily remote employee, what are some techniques you use to make sure you’re maintaining efficient communication with our team in our Pittsburgh headquarters?

Our team in Pittsburgh is great with communication. We use Slack all the time to ask questions, bounce ideas off each other, and just share information in general. We also have regular meetings and video chats all the time to make sure we’re all always on the same page.

As a Client Success Manager, you work with our partners throughout the entire event lifecycle. What are some of our features that you find are most helpful to event organizers?

I love our Report Builder. As a former partner of ShowClix, I know that what one partner might consider an “important” report, another might not find useful. With our Report Builder, you have the ability to basically build what you want and need. You can then save it, and access it at any time. This is so helpful for partners who have reports that are different from the standard day-to-day reports.

I also love how easy it is for partners to build their own events in our Admin. While some don’t want all that responsibility (which is where I come in), I find that a lot of partners want to be able to build their event on their own and make changes on the fly. That kind of adaptability is so important in the world of live events.

You were a partner of ShowClix for five years prior to joining the team. How does that user experience help you in your ShowClix role today?

I think my partner experience has helped me tremendously in my role at ShowClix. I find myself always “thinking like a partner,” and I feel like I can relate a lot better because of this. I always think about how I would feel in certain situations, and it helps my relationship with all of our partners I work with.

You work with many of our partners who host events such as festivals, fandom conventions, consumer shows, and more. What are some of the most interesting things you’ve seen on-site?

It is so great to see the different types of attendees at each event!. Whether it be a comic con, a video game convention, or a pop-up museum, what they all tend to have in common is that everyone in attendance is excited just to be there. That excitement is contagious. I might not know all the comic characters, or the latest video games that everyone is crazy about, but when I’m on-site supporting an event, just seeing all those excited people makes it all worthwhile!