Meet the Team: Mike Meehan, Senior Client Success Manager

  • By Lindsay Biondy | Friday, December 7th, 2018
Meet the Team: Mike Meehan, Senior Client Success Manager

Our Client Success Team is our direct contact for our partners, guiding them through our system and offering best practices. This month, we’re excited to introduce Mike Meehan, our Senior Client Success Manager. Since joining our team, Mike has been a huge asset in helping our partners drive increased ticket sales and grow their businesses.

Mike graduated from Southern Illinois University in 2012 with a dual major in Advertising and Integrated Marketing. During the summers, he worked at Lollapalooza, where he gained a love for live events and real-world experience. Following graduation, he took this experience to Front Gate Tickets, where he served a portfolio of music festivals.

After hearing about ShowClix becoming part of Patron Technology, an ever-rising company in the live event industry, Mike knew his skills would be a major asset to our team. Primarily, he understood that our partners would need to know that the people who work with them have the success of their event as their top priority. Today, Mike acts as our Senior Client Success Manager, overseeing our Success Team and ensuring they’re always operating at 100% to provide our partners with the support they need to succeed.

What might a typical work week look like for you?

I don’t think there is a typical work week when you’re in the live event space; every day may present a new challenge that takes your week in an unexpected direction. The growth of our business in 2018 has been explosive, and that’s created an exciting environment at ShowClix.  Weekly we’re onboarding new partners, rolling out updates to our platform, and preparing to release new products. Some constants that exist week over week include evaluating custom development requests from our partners, working with our sales team on incoming business, and developing structure for our fast growing Client Success team.  

As Senior Client Success Manager, you work with our partners throughout the entire event lifecycle. What are some of our features that you find are most helpful to event organizers?

There are so many features on our platform we could highlight – this is my favorite part of the conversation with partners. We’re here to make our partners’ lives easier and their events more successful, and the list of tools we have available to do that is vast. Presenting our customizable reporting platform is always a highlight; I’ve never seen a better ticketing reporting suite than the one we offer. Showing how quickly we can integrate with industry-leading CRMs is always a fun conversation. Offering customizable solutions to managing customer data is something we’re very experienced in.  

Some of the most helpful features we can offer come from our sister products in the Patron Technology family. Being able to offer integrated Mobile Apps, Database Management, or RFID Fan Engagement solutions that come packaged with your ticketing really highlights our holistic approach to supporting event organizers.

How do you keep lines of communication open with the whole Client Success team, as well as other departments?

That’s always a challenge, but it’s an exciting challenge to take on. Our Success Team is tasked with managing relationships with our largest partners, both domestically and internationally. We have Success Managers in five states who manage communications with partners across the globe- we’re always on. The lines of communication are always open; that’s a pillar of our business. Our challenge comes in the form of prioritizing, distributing, and quickly acting on the information that comes in. Our Success Managers are experienced ticketing professionals who do a great job of executing all the internal and external communication required to make our events run smoothly.

Our entire Client Services team does a fantastic job working across departments within our organization. Every day cross-departmental communication is happening with our Product, Finance, Customer Care, Marketing, and Engineering teams, and beyond. The operational efficiency demonstrated daily is really impressive; I think it’s been an integral part of why we’ve been able to scale so quickly.    

Given all of your experience in the ticketing industry prior to joining our team, how do you think that experience helps you in your role at ShowClix?

It’s important to see the whole field. To be successful you need to understand the industry you’re working in and be on top of the constantly evolving trends. Staying at the forefront of quickly evolving technology is required in this role. It’s also very important to understand your competitors and the features those platforms are offering. Having a well-rounded understanding of the entire picture allows you make sure you’re staying ahead of the curve.  

We work closely with our partners to not only answer the questions that are posed, but to understand the underlying problems that our partners have teamed up with us to solve. Being able to interpret a questions and get right to the bigger solution is a skillset that’s helpful for anyone to have.  

What’s your personal mantra?

Hakuna Matata!